Managing Legacy Systems

Working with all our clients, InfinIAM sees a common profile of issues for existing legacy systems:

  • Understanding the full nature of a system: all its hardware and software components, all its communications flows and interdependencies, all the business rules and assumptions that are  embedded in the system.
  • Understanding the true core of the legacy systems: what code is still needed, what is redundant, what is no longer used but costing you fees.
  • Attempting to do-more-with-less in a cost-conscious business environment.
  • Preparing for the impact of “Big Data” demands on legacy systems decades old.
  • Controlling system costs, particularly maintenance fees and operational costs such as space, people, and power.
  • Considering the cost and operational impact of migrating the legacy systems to new low-maintenance hardware or open source software components.
  • Understand both the risks and the opportunities of such system transformations.

The InfinIAM staff and our partners at Cornerstone have created a systems toolkit to provide insight and analysis for all these issues. Our toolkit provides a complete technical definition and description of your system, spotlighting the connections and complexities that have been crafted by your teams over the years.

We provide visualization tools and metrics to gauge the strong and weak points of your system. With this knowledge we can work with your team to suggest system transformations such as moving to new hardware or changing the source code language for legacy systems. For example, a move from Cobol to Java could dramatically shift your IT staffing needs and accelerate your ability to introduce new features in our web-centric world.

Most importantly, our tool enables any transformation to be achieved with dramatically reduced risk and disruption. If migration to a new platform is the best path, that migration can be done in parallel with your ongoing systems development and maintenance activities.

Whether you need systems documentation to support your own best practices or you require a complete system move to the newest generation of cost-effective hardware, InfinIAM is positioned to advise, to support, and to lead in transformation efforts.