Asset and Cost Management

In today’s economy, there are tremendous pressures to reduce IT capital expenditures, maintenance costs, and operating costs.

Our Business Intelligence examination of your system can pinpoint needed adjustments to your hardware and software inventory. These adjustments will reduce costs and possibly reduce the staffing you need for systems development and maintenance.

First, we document and analyze your system to determine if there are portions that can be eliminated, potentially reducing your hardware needs. You can reclaim assets now absorbed by redundant or unused code. Consolidation of databases can reduce the footprint of your storage needs while improving performance.

Second, you may opt to reduce costs by moving to greener, more efficient platforms and possibly by adopting open source components. New hardware typically provides lower maintenance and operational costs. We can design a hardware profile that optimizes that cost reduction and yet provides a path forward as your processing and data storage requirements inevitably increase.

InfinIAM can evaluate life cycle costs for new systems, negotiate attractive long-term maintenance contracts, and provide concrete cost estimates for the out-years in your budget. We will work with you to lower costs and reduce risk.

InfinIAM excels at offering end-to-end solutions. If you do migrate to new hardware, InfinIAM can retire your old hardware providing you with cash flow to further increase your immediate savings.