Hewlett Packard

As a value added business partner through Onx Enterprise Solutions we bring an added speciality to the variety of corporate clients Hewlett Packard covers.

It is critical in corporate america with advances in Web based services supporting private and public cloud a new paradigm leveraging legacy system design. Most corporations have invested millions of dollars and years of effort developing the code intelligence used to sell their products and service their clients. These legacy assets cannot easily be incorporated into the new architectures such as cloud stack, SAAS, SNA, and SOA. By analyzing and converting these legacy assets a firm can move the business and code intelligence developed over the years to newer and modern software platforms, thereby preserving the integrity of the intelligence they developed over the years.

Migrating this legacy asset preserves capital avoids capital destruction, and incorporates for the first time legacy intelligence into the cloud stack architectures.

HP being a leader in the field of cloud services and technology can now work with their clients moving up to 96 different languages, 20 different databases, and multiple disparate frameworks in like for like transformations.