Legacy and Cloud

Executives around the world, in all sectors of our economy, are facing the realization that their legacy systems can no longer be ignored. As the developers responsible for maintaining these technological dinosaurs retire from the workforce, businesses need to start acting proactively to modernize their aging systems. You cannot even entertain cloud services for your firm if you do not address this issue.
Brick and mortar legacy apps to the cloud ridiculous! not any more!!!
Our solution is unique since it transforms existing working systems to newer easier to manage platforms. Retraining, retooling, is not an issue here since the existing imbedded business rules are converted in like for like fashion.
Everything starts with our platform G4 and source code decomposition, whether the goal is software conversion, software analysis, or software quality measurement. Software is written in a certain language, according to the grammar of that language. In most application environments multiple languages are used.
Decomposition involves processing source code through a standard process chain, depicted in the figure below:
The processing steps are: preprocessing, tokenizing and parsing, linking and modeling. The necessary components for decomposition are all part of the G4 Platform. In fact, they are considered the kernel of the G4 Platform.
You now have an alternative to costly re-writes and, customized application development.
Time and cost are an added benefit with our approach. Reuse what you have invested in over the years and implement in the cloud.