Hardware Strategies and Asset Management

InfinIAM can assist you with the challenge of establishing a strategy for your hardware life cycle. Your complex hardware inventory of servers, storage devices, and communications/networking components represents a substantial, and ongoing, investment. Firms are seeking to avoid large sunk hardware costs, to somehow exploit the potential of the cloud, and to dramatically reduce maintenance and operational costs.

New hardware is continually being released, potentially offering investment cost savings while requiring a smaller physical footprint, reduced environmental needs, and lower annual maintenance. Deciding when, how, or if to switch to newer hardware requires a strategic vision that encompasses your current and expected needs. A desire to minimize cost cannot ignore current or potential business requirements.

We all exist in a do-more-with-less world. The challenge is finding cost effective pathways through this world. You need a full strategy and you can lower your risk by understanding the options to face a continuously changing business environment.

InfinIAM can assist you in developing those options for your hardware planning. We have a successful history of asset management for major firms. We can provide you new equipment while taking your old equipment for resale or recycling. Working with our partners, including Oracle, we can negotiate maintenance contracts that reduce your costs and risks and give you predictability for your budget out-years. This end-to-end service gives us the ability to leverage every opportunity to lower your initial investment and your ongoing costs.