Systems Development

The InfinIAM team has system development experience across multiple industries:

  • Finance: including trading analytics and back office
  • Communication: telecom billing systems
  • Web Sites: corporate sites for IT, customer service, technology reviews, and hospitality
  • Insurance: malpractice systems, catastrophe modeling
  • Business Processing: ERP and CRM

Our team has crafted solutions in multiple languages and databases. Our solutions are customized to give you the business advantage your situation demands.

We understand the current technology trends and business pressures that IT managers face each day. From all perspectives, the demand is for innovative solutions created with low cost and low risk. There is high interest in the potential to use open source software for lower costs and an accelerated start to the development cycle.

InfinIAM has development experience with open source systems that do expedite the development effort. We have internal development resources and associates both off-shore and on-shore. Our off-shore resources have excellent track records and offer you affordability. At the same time, security concerns often drive customers to seek a US-based solution. We have those resources too and, using open source assets, we can still deliver low-cost solutions.

Our development approach begins with gaining your trust: we want to understand you, your business, your needs, your concerns. We know that exceptional talent, coupled with imagination and energy, will produce solutions that are industry-leaders. Superior solutions can drive business success. We are ready to provide you with that quality.