Systems Transformations

A comprehensive evaluation of your system may suggest you would benefit from a significant systems transformation. A transformation may involve:

  • Replatforming by migrating existing code and databases to new hardware
  • Replatforming and simultaneously changing the source code language or the database system
  • Retaining your current hardware but changing the source code language or the database system
  • Consolidating different divisions, each with their own IT systems, onto a single platform with unified software

Choosing one of these paths requires a comprehensive knowledge of your system from both business and technical perspectives. There are technical options that involve tradeoffs in risk, cost, complexity, and staffing needs. Changes from older languages, such as Cobol, to new ones, such as Java, can have significant impact on your staffing needs and costs and on your ability to deftly meet new business requirements.

More importantly, the changes to your business processes and costs must be clearly understood and accepted. A transformation must accomplish something positive: reduced costs, simplified staffing, or improved capability to add needed business features.

Our Cornerstone partner has 30 years of experience in performing these transformations. InfinIAM and Cornerstone can discuss options, risks, and advantages. Most importantly, we can work in the background to architect these transformations. Your current maintenance or development activities do NOT have to stop while you wait for the transformation to occur. You maintain full operational capability and full flexibility for ongoing maintenance. We define the transformation path to save time and money, improve performance and reduce risk.

Cornerstone prides itself on its ability to transform “from anything to anything.” Their tools and workflow have been honed over hundreds of projects. With experience in dozens of languages and database systems, they can provide the seamless migration you need for the ideal transformation of your system.

We invite you to look at the Cornerstone Partnership section of our website for a detailed perspective.