Business Intelligence for Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, IP, is the soul of your firm. That IP is embedded in your technical staff and in the IT systems that staff have spent years, or decades, creating and extending.

What is your IP today? What are the components, the connections, the dependencies? What are the business rules in play? Are they consistent, easy to find, and flexible to change? Is there code that is redundant or unused, code that you are still paying licenses or maintenance fees for? If you want to reduce IT costs, which system components can be modified or should be moved to new platforms? What  pieces of your system must be handled with kid gloves? What key personnel have contributed to your IP and how do you ensure their insights and creativity are not lost.

InfinIAM understands the importance of these questions and has the methodology to provide you with comprehensive answers. Working with our Cornerstone partners, we apply Business Intelligence, BI, tools to your system. We find all the components, all the connections, all the dependencies. Then we provide you with an expansive set of visualization tools so you can easily grasp the complexity and the implications of your system design.

This knowledge and insight is essential for setting IT policies that rationally meet your future needs and constraints. With this knowledge, we can work with you to determine options for system transformations. Some parts of your system may simply need improved maintenance while migrating other components to new platforms may save you money and reduce staffing requirements.

We understand the array of factors that influence decisions about system transformation and migration. We know that our methodology offers unsurpassed insights into the complexities of your system. We invite you to contact us for a full discussion.

Your IP is your greatest asset. Harnessing that IP to the fullest extent is a corporate necessity. For more perspective, you can download our document Harnessing Your Intellectual Property.