Legacy Assets

InfinIAM understands the central and critical role legacy systems play in IT. These legacy systems are corporate assets of exceptional value.

Legacy systems are workhorses and they are not stagnant. Most legacy systems are continually being adjusted, extended, or modified to meet contemporary needs.

Many people over many years have contributed to the evolution of a complex legacy system. The assumptions, business rules and best practices developers initially followed may no longer apply to your current environment or your future needs.

It is the very boundaries of the legacy system that provide the first challenge. Just what are the pieces of the system, how do they connect, and how robust are those connections? If you change X, what happens to Y?

InfinIAM believes the application of Business Intelligence tools to the Intellectual Property in your IT systems is essential. The knowledge gained from using BI provides a complete foundation for understanding your system and cogently determining the best path for your firm to follow. Your firm has its own unique combination of constraints, business challenges, and IT environment — both systems and people. The best path forward is built on a full knowledge of your firm.

With years of history, the definitions of what a legacy system “is” may be very blurry. The incompleteness in knowledge about what the legacy system is and how it actually works generates corporate risk. The legacy system represents core IP, yet the system may seem densely intangible. Corporate management can see the ongoing costs in fees and people to support the legacy systems. They cannot see a way to drastically reduce these significant expenditures.

InfinIAM believes this situation is not the “fault” of any one person. But it is the responsibility of a corporation — and its vendors — to establish intellectual control of the legacy systems, to determine their real on-going costs, and to develop a cost-driven strategy for the continued system evolution.

It is often physically impossible to rewrite a legacy system from scratch. With the tools from InfinIAM, it is possible to determine the true boundaries of a legacy system, to thoroughly document its components and interconnections, and to pose a variety of options for the future of the system.

Most importantly, InfinIAM can project the costs each of those options represent:

  • What are the expected capital expenses for the system on its current platform?
  • What are the projected maintenance and operational costs?
  • How do those costs shift if new hardware or open source software is considered?
  • What is the payback period for the capital and project costs if you move the legacy system to newer, more cost efficient hardware or software?
  • What are the associated cost and maintenance impacts of changing the source code language or database system?
  • How would these changes accelerate you ability to “work on the web” or address “Big Data” concerns?

InfinIAM has the experience to pose those questions and then answer them for you. We can work with you to optimize your legacy system on its current platform. We can show you the benefits of moving to significantly more cost effective hardware or software. And InfinIAM can help you gross the great gap: performing the successful transformation of your legacy system to the new IT environment you need.