Oracle Partnership






InfinIAM is closely partnered with Oracle to provide sales and services to the IT community.

With its emphasis on cost effective systems that will merge software into the hardware chips, Oracle is positioned to offer the IT community a unique opportunity. Legacy systems now operating on mainframe hardware can be migrated to Oracle/Sun systems with dramatically reduced maintenance and operational costs.

InffinIAM is assisting Oracle in this effort by offering migration services for legacy systems. With its own team coupled with the world-class talents of Cornerstone Technology in The Netherlands, InfinIAM has unprecedented capabilities to facilitate your migration to vastly more cost effective hardware.

Please see our web pages for Cornerstone that highlight the extensive power available to you.

InfinIAM offers systems sales and maintenance. We work closely with the financial community providing proof of concept, loaner systems and product demonstrations.

InfinIAM offers a constellation of talented individual with experience financial modeling, data mining, and artificial intelligence. Our domain expertise includes a network of accomplished consulting talent.