Cornerstone Uniqueness

Cornerstone is unique in the spectrum of firms offering services and products for legacy systems.

With nearly 25 years of legacy system experience, Cornerstone has experimented, learned and evolved. Its G4/Sigma platform represents the physical culmination of that experience. Crafted in C++ for speed and capabillity, G4 has multiple components to:

  • Renovate existing code to meet business requirements and data changes — standarization and currency issues
  • Convert from one programming language to another — experience with over 40 languages and language versions
  • Convert from one database to another — projects with over a dozen different database products
  • Model existing data structures and reshape for updated databases
  • Serve as a Repository to document system components, connections, and business rules
  • Provide multiple interfaces to interogate the Repository for structured analysis and random exploration
  • Offer over 100 out-of-the-box queries and reports on system metrics, system objects, where-used analysis, consists-of structural analysis, data structures,and logical relationships among processes
  • Supply automated documentation including Data Flow Diagrams and Input-Process-Output reports for individual programs or processes

These functional components of G4 are not frozen. If the analysis of your system requires modification or extension of these services, if a new tool is needed, Cornerstone has the talent to rapidly add to the G4 toolset.

Couple with G4/Sigma platform, the Cornerstone staff has accumulated extensive experience and invaluable IP. Their professional capabilities are widely recognized by a world-wide base of customers.