Cornerstone Strategy

To apply the G4/Sigma tools, Cornerstone applies a phased strategy that includes efforts by the end-user client and its on-site InfinIAM partner. For a full-scale project including the conversion of the legacy system, the strategy follows these phases:

“Conversion” can be one of the following types:

  • Restyling or restructuring code — the same source code language [Cobol] is retained but groomed and standardized
  • Replatforming or platform migration — upgrading the source code to run on new hardware [still Cobol]
  • Language conversion — business rules are retained but a new language is used for efficiency or speed [Cobol to Java, for example]
  • Redesign — changes in source code functionality [essentially a maintenance function based on the knowledge in the Repository]

The “Test” block here refers to the final block of system testing. Testing at smaller levels is conducted throughout the project.