Cornerstone Partnership

InfinIAM is gratified to be partnered with Cornerstone Technology, a world leader in the analysis and transformation of legacy system.

Cornerstone is based in The Netherlands and has a 30 year history of service and product development for clients around the world,

Cornerstone’s solution process coordinates the talents of three resources:

  • Cornerstone itself, supplying its G4 suite of software tools and employee expertise to analyze your system
  • The end-user client, providing testing data and participating in the evaluation of transformation results
  • InfinIAM, offering project management and employing Cornerstone tools

Founded in 1989 Cornerstone, Technology offers solutions for IT legacy analysis, documentation, maintenance, conversion, modernization, and replatforming. Cornerstone’s products and services are based on their G4/Sigma platform. G4/Sigma provides a continually evolving toolset crafted for the increased needs to map optional pathways for legacy systems.

G4 can be applied for two principal services:
  • Establishing a complete, documented knowledge of a current legacy system
  • Modification of that system for accelerated performance, reduced costs, and improved risk management
Documentation is the key, the essential first step in determining what actions, if any, your legacy system requires. A knowledge of all the components and connections of your system provides the transparency needed for cost effective management. G4 builds a database, termed the Repository, where all the knowledge about your system is stored:
  • Available for systematic analysis by a battery of G4 structured queries — analysis tools already in place
  • Providing the basis for any system transformations — from code tweaking to complete language changes
  • Permanently recording the definition of your legacy system — advancing system maintenance
If business needs or cost reduction mandate legacy system change, then G4 may be applied in multiple ways:
  • Modernization and optimization of existing code for operation on existing platforms
  • Preparation of existing code for new hardware — replatforming
  • Translation to more productive programming languages or relational database technology
The combination of G4 tools and Cornerstone experience minimizes risk, elevates quality, and speeds performance. The Cornerstone process is faster than other approaches and delivers with a lower “cost per line of code.” We can provide fixed price/fixed duration projects to ease your management risk and concerns.
Central to the Cornerstone approach is the non-freezing of applications during the project cycle: there is no business disruption. You conduct business as usual. We work in the background, in parallel. And we stage with you the actual cutover to modernized systems. We will jointly determine the appropriate cutover strategy:
  • By Module: one major functional module at a time
  • Big Bang: the entire system at once
  • In Parallel: running both old and new systems to enable point by point comparison of system output
Of course, testing is key to the Cornerstone methodology. A complete testing strategy will be applied, with client involvement to participate and evaluate the results. Testing is conducting from the beginning as an iterative process. Any issues we uncover are reflected in modifications to our tools or processes. Your legacy system is unique. We learn early and quickly, so that transformations are completed on time and on budget.