Legacy Transformation FAQs

Can legacy transformation or migration be a fully automated process?

In a word, no. Your legacy system represents many person-years of coding resulting in a dense interconnection of software and hardware components. Each of those components will have some current version level. No automated process could begin to handle all the logical combinations. Your legacy system is both big and unique.

How much manual effort is required for migration?

Manual effort is a concern because it represents cost and requires time. Our Cornerstone partner has over two decades of transformation and migration experience. Through those many projects, Cornerstone has evolved a unique, powerful methodology. Transformation is best done an an iterative basis. Early stages do involve focused efforts by our migration experts. We learn your system and those unique points that make it distinctive. That base of knowledge lets us tune the tools we do finally apply for the final, automated migration of your full system.

How firmly can you predict migration costs?

With extensive experience, we are able to work productively with you to scope a migration process. Our final “cost per translated line of code” is exceptionally competitive thanks to our tools and our methodology.

Are there systems that cannot be migrated?

Yes, but we have not found one. We work with dozens of computer source languages and database systems. We probably have not encountered a system “just like yours.” But our capabilities are vast. Our ingenuity has never failed us or a customer.