Transformation Considerations

For many IT leaders, the transformation of a legacy system is not a project they immediately embrace. There are too many stories of transformation projects that fail or that become excessive in cost and time. In terms of planning, it is very challenging to trade off current legacy system costs against the costs and risks of a migration.

InfinIAM understands those risks and is fully prepared guide you through a proven process for transformation success. Our transformation partner, Cornerstone, has over twenty years of major project experience in system transformation and migration. With the tools and competency that InfinIAM and Cornerstone offer, your focus can and should be on the cost savings and accelerated productivity to be realized by a system transformation. We will ensure the project runs on time and on budget.

We reassure our customers that legacy transformation is not a black hole. We begin a project by applying Business Intelligence tools to provide a thoroughly comprehensive description of your legacy system. With that knowledge, we can jointly define the system transformation that is best for your firm. We test the proposed transformation iteratively, starting small and evolving, until the entire system can be converted literally in hours with exceptional quality and minimal risk.

While we follow this workflow, your natural maintenance and development projects can keep running: there is NO system freeze with our transformation methodology. Once we do complete the transformation, we work with you for a comprehensive final test to ensure system functionality and integrity. Our methodology for testing is an essential and major portion of the activity we expend in migrating your system.

Our competency reduces your risk. Your focus can, and should be, on the strategy for your legacy system in a new IT environment. Often transformation involves new hardware or the use of open source software to reduce costs. We will assist you in defining:

  • What will be the reduced maintenance and operational costs?
  • What should your new staffing profile be?
  • How much more effectively can your legacy system now respond to meet new business challenges?
  • How can you establish a long-term strategy for system improvement while controlling total hardware and software costs?

InfinIAM can perform the transformation of your legacy system at low risk. We help you define your specific strategy for reduced costs and expanded system flexibility and productivity.